Primul training IADS din Tunisia

fitsDear IADS family,
Do YOU want to become among first IADS TRAINER?
Do YOU want to be part of the first IADS training Session ?
Do YOU want to spend 7 AMAZING days in sunny Mediterranean climate?
Then don’t miss out on the following call:

From the 10th of February to 17th of February, TADS will organise the first IADS Training session in Monastir, Tunisia.
Why particpate to training program ?
This program can be very beneficial on both the individual level, for the trainers and trainees; and on the organizational level, for the IADS. On the individual level, soft skills indulge positive energy in human relationship for working in symbiosis and explore infinite capabilities at institutional and doctoral level. On the organizational level, this program will Improve IADS member skills in a variety of fields, Increase the performance of IADS due to improving leadership skills and moreover Increase the benefits that an individual gains from IADS
in our FITS ( First Iads Training Session ) we will have graduate 30 new trainers help in spreading our program on the national level of the IADS member
When is it?
From the 10th of February to 17th of February, 2013
In the beautiful seaside city of Monastir, Tunisia
Accommodation will be in Amir Palace Hotel with private access to the beach.
Who can apply?
Any IADS member that wants to share fun interactive trainings sessions.
How much does it cost?
Package A: Pre-FITS : 80euro
Package B: FITS :110euro
Package C: post-FITS : 50 euro
Package D: all the week: 200euroincluding: Accommodation, Meal, Social program, and Transportation (Airport/hotel and social program)
deadline for registration : 15th January 2013:
Feel free to approach us for any questions:
See you soon in Monastir.

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